Sunday, April 19, 2015

And I am Starting to Build an Ark!!!

The rain just doesn't seem to stop here in Charlotte for more than enough time to run outside, turn on the lawn mower, muck it up with wet grass, turn it off, and come back inside. So, a lot of inside work is getting done.

I have decided that I need a SERGER as I have a project in my mind only that really does need a SERGER. I spent form 5 - 7:30 this morning looking at all of the options and they seem to run from $160 on line, to $5500. Quite a darn difference. I think I will go out to a few shops tomorrow and try them out before making a big mistake. Or a small one - whatever!

This canvas was finished a week ago for a gal to stitch for her son. Pretty cool but lots of stitch counting and painting for me. I have just finished a couple of other large projects and will post these soon. Need to photograph them before sending them out.

Here is the UK canvas.

Back to building that ark I was mentioning...........

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Showers and the Fun Goes on Here!

I just couldn't resist matching these squares of prints from African fabrics with a lot of interesting batiks. I think it makes a very happy and joyful splashing of colors and patterns. Love it. On the way to being finished and for sale at the Blowing Rock juried art show on June 13. Mountain madness, here I come!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


When the calendar changed over to April yesterday I about had a stroke. Into the fourth month of 2015 and lots going on here. So much that if I appeared on the steps of a hospital and they asked me the date - I probably could not even come close and they would wheel me off to the people who fit people like me with white jackets. Not the Chanel kind of white jacket but the ones that have sleeves that tie around in the back so you cannot do damage to yourself. I am not quite there yet, but getting closer day by day!

Seems like this should be February except we are overloaded with February, March and April birthdays and these extravaganzas are about to be over. The most important ones were a special two year old turning 3 on February 3rd and annouced he was now "not a little boy or a big boy but a 'middle' boy." And, so he is.

His brother turned 7 two weeks later and he is truly a "big boy." A little sad at the speed with which they are both changing but a joy to watch them master new skills and try out new attack motives on each other. I am often surprised at what comes out of their mouths in general conversation. Their vocabularies are astounding.

Lots of other family b-days in February. Then we had may daughter and my son both a year older and better in March. And last but not least - my beautiful D-I-L on Easter Sunday. Happy Birthdays for all.

So this is why I have not been on my blog. Excuses, excuses.... and so it goes.

Below is a laid out quilt from a friend who does not care for pink. (She did pick the fabric in a moment of delirium). Those in the quilting realm call this a "stack and whack" quilt. I love pink so will try to get it put together and quilted for her. Then, she can decide what to do with it.

I am also trying to clean out projects from the past. This self portrait was done several years ago when I was doing these for others. Baby photo of me surrounded by cut out photos of my two children and paint chips as I am always painting something. Wooden mixing spoons for the arms (painted) holding a bouquet symbolizing being a Master Gardener. Frosting decorating tips with a few tassels, sayings and photos of different life events and plungers for legs. I had a bathroom that really had a problem stool. Lots of plumbers in my past. This hangs on the wall and I decided it had lived a good life and out it goes. So, here it is/was!